Past Cases

Successfully represented two adult trust beneficiaries in an $40 million trust dispute which resulted in successful distribution of the trust corpus to them.

Successfully represented trustee of the Lawrence H. Dorcy, Jr. Trust in an $80 million undue influence in fraud case in the County of Maui.


This well-known will and trust contest case concerned the late Laurence H. Dorcy, Jr., also known as the “Baron,” and his $85 million fortune on the island of Maui in 2011-2012. In the last few months of Mr. Dorcy’s life, his entire estate plan was dramatically changed, deviating from his longstanding plan to distribute his wealth to numerous charities. The complaint alleged that individuals orchestrated a fraud upon the late Mr. Dorcy and caused him to bequeath the majority of his fortune not to charities, but to the adult perpetrator, who, with a team of imposters, befriended Mr. Dorcy and allegedly scammed Mr. Dorcy into executing a new estate plan. Michael Rudy led the legal fight to reclaim the entire estate fortune. In the Dorcy case, the law firm assembled and collated information from more than 40 witnesses, in over a half dozen states, to identify what happened and how it happened. Audio recordings were procured, as well as still pictures and photographs to detail and chronicle the last few months of Mr. Dorcy’s life, before, during and after these material changes were made. Experts were hired in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, and forensics, to provide evidence of undue influence and fraud.

Successfully represented beneficiary in removing both co-trustees in a large $40 million landholding trust on the island of Kauai.

Successfully represented beneficiary in a large undue influence settlement on the island of Kauai.

Successfully represented a trustee/beneficiary in a protracted and bitter trust administration matter in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Successfully represented trustees of a large multimillion dollar landholding trust in connection with a legal malpractice settlement involving trust issues in Honolulu.

Successfully represented beneficiary in removing and surcharging a trustee in a trust case, and the trial court decision was recently upheld by the Hawaii Supreme Court and the Intermediate Court of Appeals.

Successfully represented four family members in removing outside individual co-trustees to gain control of an excess of 40 million in trust assets belonging to them.

Successfully represented beneficiaries of trust in a dispute over the sale of family real estate, which was held and administered by a trustee against claims of outside family members.

Successfully established conservatorship and preserved assets of incapacitated adult in a case involving alleged claims of attempted financial elder abuse against incapacitated adult.

Successfully settled a lawsuit involving undue influence and a breach of contract and helped our client successfully obtained ownership of disputed North Shore family home.

Current Cases

Currently representing several family beneficiaries in a trustee removal case involving several corporate entities and in excess of $35 million in trust assets.

Currently representing children of a first marriage and handling a settlement of claims against the trustee’s spouse of second marriage for financial elder abuse, embezzlement and other serious charges.

Currently representing a trustee and personal representative in a complex trust accounting case involving legal interpretation of trust instrument, specifically involving tax provisions and a limitation of special power of appointment language contained in the trust.

Currently representing siblings in a case involving alleged embezzlement, undue influence and fraud involving several million dollars of damages against the siblings’ brother.

Currently representing siblings in large trust dispute in Hawaii concerning the ownership and control of large family business in Hawaii.

Currently representing clients in numerous additional lawsuits involving undue influence/lack of testamentary capacity/fraud in the procurement of an improper trust, and improper use of power of attorney.

Currently representing clients in complex and disputed conservatorships of the person and the property.

Currently representing clients in various complex and miscellaneous trust administration petitions for the purchase and sale of real property, businesses and reformations of trusts and other instruments.

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